Shaolin Tigers Black Belt Promotions Dec 2019

Congratulations to four members of the Shaolin Tigers Muay-Thai Kickboxing Club for completing their Black Belt grading recently –

Gary Foster, Eugene & Oscar Wojciechowski and Giampiero Pierro, 

They completed the final requirements of  their six week training regime in which they had to complete various actions.

One of the toughest was held at the clubs Newbury branch where they completed a ten mile run followed by ten rounds of sparring, ten rounds of pad work followed by a spirit test and military circuit. Other sessions involved knife and stick work as well as takedowns, throwing and self-defence techniques plus breaking and stance work including holding bricks at arm’s length.

It was partly cruelly satisfying for their instructor (Frank Bowen-Aquilina) as a high level of conditioning is required to achieve a Shaolin Tigers black belt. 

With wide ranging ages and experiences, Shaolin Tigers hone their training approach to the individual. 

Newly graded Black Belt Gary Foster, shown above, (recently retired from the Fire Fighter) is 55 years old, Eugene (a lawyer by profession) is 52 years old.

Giampiero, show below, (an Advertising Studio Manager) is in his late forties and Oscar is 15 years of age.

We are based in Wokingham and train at several locations Wokingham and  Emmbrook Boxing Club, and Pinewood Boxing Club to name a couple.

We are always looking for new members and we will be starting a beginner’s courses in the new year.

If you would like to get involved, then please contact Frank on 07740287416 or email