Instructors are dependent on location

Sifu Frank Bowen-Aquilina

The Chief Instructor and Founder Sifu Frank Bowen who holds a 6th Degree Black Belt. Franks background was originally in boxing and judo. Being a keen sportsman he also represented his county in Rugby. He then took up Shaolin Kung Fu in the Bruce Lee era. After many years working in the security industry he found that many of the Kung Fu moves did not always work in some of the most testing of situations.Frank decided a more rounded system was needed and discovered that the combination of Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Jiujitsu seemed to make up part of the puzzle and from there the journey began. After many years of training six days a week in various arts and competing in as many competitions as possible, winning the British Title along the way, the style ‘Thai-Kick-Jitsu’ was formed.

Sifu Frank is now in his mid-sixties and his main purpose is to pass on the Thai-Kick-Jitsu system to all the Shaolin Tiger students.


Sifu Nadia Aquilina

Sifu Nadia has trained from a young age predominantly for fitness and self-defence as she was actively involved in dancing competitively. Nadia competed in Light Continuous and Semi-Contact Kickboxing in her teens and went on to help her father coach the Woodley Shaolin Tigers branch where she eventually took over.

Due to work re-allocation, Sifu Nadia is spreading the Shaolin Tigers Thai-Kick-Jitsu system across London and has recently opened a Shaolin Tigers branch in Balham, South West London and also South Woodford, East London.



Sifu Ian Whitehouse

Sifu Ian is a former professional Muay Thai Fighter with 20 years of experience both in the UK and based in Thailand. Sifu Ian holds a 3rd Dan black belt and has competed in many Thai-kick boxing bouts throughout his career.

Ian coaches the Shaolin Tigers’ Newbury branch and is bringing through many talented Martial Artists. Alongside him are a strong team of experienced Dan Grade Black Belts and uki’s.


Sifu Dave Cree

Newbury based Dave Cree is a former Thai and Kick full contact fighter. Sifu Dave has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in his training and years of Fighting. Sifu Dan holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Sifu Scott Davies

Experienced MMA & Thai-Boxing fighter.


Sifu Martin Walker

1st Dan Black Belt who currently holds the BIKMA Light Continuous Southern Area Title and Semi-Contact Kickboxing British Champion.



Sifu Dan Eden

Sifu “Ninja” Dan coaches at the Shaolin Tigers Reading Gym and is known for his Kickboxing speed and aggressive fighting technique. Sifu Dan has won various World Titles – WUMA World Cup Champion – ISKA / WAKO & WUMA British Kickboxing Open Champion / WUMA World Cup Kickboxing Championship Winner (October 2011) / ISKA London International Open Winner (May 2010). He currently holds a 2nd Dan Black belt.

He specialises in Full Contact & Light Contact Kickboxing and White Collar Boxing.



Sifu Dan Facey

Sifu Dan is the Shaolin Tigers coach for the Pinewood branch in Wokingham and is a very experienced Thai-Kickboxer and has competed in various Cage fights. He currently holds a 2nd Dan Black belt. Dan is renowned for his hard work and extreme fitness and his students are known for being superbly fit and technical.



Sifu Zac Parton

Sifu Zac has trained with the Shaolin Tigers from a very young age and his determination and hard work has payed off as he now holds a 1st Dan Black Belt. Zac predominantly works with the junior section and has a way of inspiring and motivating the juniors whilst keeping an iron discipline in the class. He is bringing up a crop of future junior champions.

His father Mark “The Panda” Parton is always assisting and coaching with the boxing aspect of the classes.



Sifu Karl Singer

Profile to follow shortly