Foundation/Lower Grade Training:


Below outlined the basic grading syllabus Shaolin Tigers conforms to.


We have a set syllabus for each grade/belt level:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black

The first three grades (Yellow/Blue and Green belt) concentrate more on the Thai/Kickboxing, a strong stance and developing the mind and body.




When a student joins for the first two grades (Yellow and Blue belts – which take about six months to achieve) the training will be gradual, the majority of  which being practised in mid air combined with some pad or bag work.

The reason we start by doing mid air work is because it helps the students achieve a good stance which is the foundation for the punching and kicking techniques we teach. It also helps build good balance and shows  how not to be exposed. We combine this with evasive footwork and various blocking defences. Fitness and training exercises are also form part of the lesson.

Higher Grade Training:


Higher up the grading syllabus (normally Red belt and above) we introduce weapon training/wood breaking, Jujitsu and grappling techniques.


Though the majority of students are only interested in the learning the art the system has produced World Champions in Kickboxing (like the late Chris Ballard), Thai-Boxing and Cage Fighting.


chrisballard    gradingpic4




Licence Requirement

All students and instructors are required to have a licence which covers you for insurance with B.I.K.M.A & W.K.M.A. You can not participate in any grading or competitions without a licence. The club instructors will have the application forms or click below: