Balham Shaolin Tigers – Course & Grading

The Balham Shaolin Tigers Club successfully carried out their very first Course & Grading in Balham, South West London on Monday 6th July.

We are pleased to announce the following new grades:



Yellow Belt Grade:

  • Emma Price
  • Tessa Dancer
  • Rob O’Leary
  • Eleanor O Brian

Blue Belt  Grade:

  • Pauline Wai
  • Ben Powell


It was great to see everyone see the rewards for their efforts and hard work.

We would like to congratulate them all on their success and continued efforts.

Well done, and keep up the hard work!!


Also a big thank you to Sifu Frank for his continued involvement in developing the club and making the course such a great success.




Our next Balham course & grading will be in October and looking forward to seeing more students progress through the ranks.