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Whether your goal is to learn how to defend yourself or you just have an interest in martial arts? Come along Shaolin Tigers Martial Arts, Berkshire Reading & Wokingham now!


Learn new self defence skills and techniques in a fun and friendly environment.

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The Shaolin Tigers club has members from all walks of life, all ages and all backgrounds.  Our doors are always open to anyone wanting to progress and learn in the area of martial arts.


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We train all areas of Martial Arts – Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Muay Thai, White Collar Boxing, etc.  We also promote the style of Thai-Kick-Jitsu.


Thai-Kick-Jitsu is a complete martial art system that covers all ranges of combat including weapon training. It has taken over twenty five years to develop and is constantly growing. It has in place a grading system that allows the individual regardless of ability, gender or age to progress both mentally and physically enhancing ones life by a series of training exercises that improve the whole body’s flexibility, core strength, fitness, shape and muscle tone. Stress reduction and confidence building go hand in hand with our training regime.

The fighting aspects of the system are drawn from Muay Thai (Thai Boxing),
Kickboxing and Jiujitsu. Escrima Phillipino weapons also have an important part
as have influences from Boxing, Shaolin Kung Fu, Aikido and Free-style Wrestling.